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The Real Price

At PMH, we believe our number one responsibility is to inform you of The Real Price of your new home building project. Our goal is to assign costs to any item that is foreseen to be a required component of the project for us to obtain a use and occupancy permit. PMH will disclose the price from the factory for the home itself, along with estimates from all the subcontractors to assemble the home, utility work, finish work and our PMH fee to perform the project. PMH will not “lowball” you with unrealistic allowances to present you with a false comfort of what the project will cost. Let’s get the cost numbers correct from the start before you commit to the project.

We inform you of The Real Price by completing a Preliminary Project Budget. If there is a meeting of the minds, PMH will proceed with you to the next level by having the factory prepare a customized floor plan, along with PMH converting original Preliminary Project Budget to actual estimates.

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